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Comprehensive Advisory Services & Clever
Technologies for Tomorrow’s Compliance Factory

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Comprehensive Advisory Services & Clever
Technologies for Tomorrow’s Compliance Factory


We Are Rethinking Financial Crime Compliance…

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Our expertise

  • Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorism Financing

    • Protection against, and identification of money laundering for all industries and segments, including the preparation of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)
    • Guidelines and best practices from inter-national watchdogs and industry organizations
    • New typologies, hidden networks, internal fraud, trade-based money laundering, and money laundering in correspondent banking and trade finance
    • Monitoring of sanctions lists in the narrower and broader sense as well as monitoring and analysis of payment flows to identify and stop terrorist financing
  • Know Your

    • Identification and management of relationship risks associated with operations and compliance risk management
    • Fuzzy and phonetic searches, profiling, identity verification and digital due diligence
    • Identification of business partners, related parties, and ultimate beneficial owners
    • Linkage to operational onboarding and decision-making processes and fraud prevention
    • Process reviews and digitization
  • Anti-Bribery &

    • Compliance management of business partners throughout the lifecycle: from initial screening to continuous monitoring of changes in circumstances to termination of the partnership
    • Monitoring of relevant business partner related (data) events and transactions for early identification of "red flags" and fraud risks in ongoing business activities with these third parties
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Consulting services

We are experienced compliance specialists, intermediaries between specialist departments, but also between companies, auditors, investigative authorities and regulators, change agents and implementation guarantors. We offer our clients not only comprehensive functional, technical and data-driven consulting, but also managed services, value-added governance and independent benchmark services.

Advisory services

  • Advisory on building an effective and efficient Compliance factory
  • Improving existing software usage via optimization, functional adjustments, health checks, reviews, trainings and workshops

Managed services

  • System monitoring, environmental monitoring, and performance monitoring
  • Improvement, ongoing business support for risk assessment
  • Simplified/enhanced due diligence, and decision support

Governance services

  • AML/KYC governance reports, FIU consultations, stress/effectivity reviews
  • Forensic investigations, dispute and litigation support (not legal advice)
  • CCO advisory services

Change services

  • Vendor assessment support for optimal Financial Crime/AML solution selection on behalf of the Compliance organization
  • Assistance in RFI/RFP processes, including short-listing
  • Maturity reviews and gap analyses
Data services & products
Software solutions

Your benefits

Full service offering from ad-hoc advisory to partial business process outsourcing (‘Compliance-as-a-Service’)

Better, faster and more cost-effective compliance with regulatory requirements through a high degree of automation and the use of economies of scale

Closing the gap between technical and effective compliance, reducing the risk of non-compliance

Compliance governance as a service complementary to existing monitoring systems

Are your risk parameters appropriate?
Automate your backtesting process and validate your system settings.

Compliance Service im Abo

We combine automated processes with expert knowledge - from data selection, through the necessary data quality checks and execution, to evaluating the results and recommending optimal thresholds.

Are you a Money Laundering Officer at a savings bank or
a Compliance Officer at a small or medium-sized bank?

Compliance Service im Abo

We offer straightforward, expeditious advisory services to help tackle bottlenecks or complex issues. We are happy to take workload off your shoulders. That is why we have created Compliance Services by Subscription.

What we can do for you in detail:
  • Taking over daily processing of AML cases, including documentation
  • Creating risk analysis with continuous monitoring of changes for periodic updates
  • Preparation and submission of Suspicious Activity Reports with ‘goAML’
  • Assistance in reassessing and assistance with implementing revised processes due to audit or regulatory findings
  • Familiarization of new obligated parties according to the Money Laundering Act (Geldwäschegesetz - GWG)
  • Continuous parametrization and fine-tuning of your AML/KYC/Sanctions systems
  • Regular analysis of risk parameters for customer risk classification
  • Preparation and monitoring of a control plan for AML, KYC, and any other illicit activity
  • Regular trainings for employees and Money Laundering Officers
  • Point of contact for employees in case of absences or doubtful questions and cases

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Combating white-collar crime is no longer a problem of the financial sector alone. Whether it is about money-laundering prevention for goods traders, mobile payment systems and bank-related services in telecommunications, or business partner compliance across the industry in general as part of anti-bribery and corruption - we can help you through our experience in the following industries:

Branchen & Regionen

Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies, leasing and collection agencies, money services businesses


B2C and B2B trading companies


Network operators

Technology & Services

Software companies and consultancies


Chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, metal and mining industries


Health insurance companies, clinics and hospitals

This industry knowledge pays off for you. "One-size-fits-all" approaches are neither operational nor desirable, and are generally rejected by regulators. Moreover, future viability requires looking beyond one's own borders. Numerous new fields of action can be opened up in cross-sector platforms and networks. Together with msg advisors, we develop ecosystems that give your visions thrust. 


For additional information, please reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.