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 Enterprise risk assessment solution:

 Elevating risk management with clever technology

Streamline and strengthen your financial crime risk assessment process with 
a cutting-edge, cloud-based solution

Elevated risk management: Methodology-driven, configurable and with best-practice risk and control libraries

In today's complex business environment, mitigating the risk of financial crime is a vital yet challenging task. Our enterprise risk assessment solution transforms your risk analysis process, enabling you to adapt and excel in a demanding regulatory environment. It helps you to identify and assess risks effectively, allowing you to build appropriate control frameworks that are aligned with evolving regulations.

At msg Rethink Compliance, we understand the need for a flexible, robust approach to risk management. Our solution combines best-practice risk and control libraries with customisability to meet specific institutional requirements. With our methodological approach, we provide pre-populated expert content that can be tailored to fit any enterprise risk management framework, improving the quality and effectiveness of your risk assessments.

Capabilities & Features:

  • Comprehensive Risk Identification & Evaluation: Effortlessly categorise and assess risks by following a well-proven methodical approach
  • Integrated Workflow: Efficiently navigate the risk assessment process with clear and structured task assignments
  • Automated Calculation: Maintain objectivity and transparency by applying automatic and consistent risk calculation methods
  • Detailed Audit Trail: Securely record changes, history, and supporting documents for all relevant activities
  • Visual Risk Analysis: Make informed decisions based on visualized risk aggregations, dashboards, analytics, and reports across your enterprise
  • Prioritised Task Overview: Keep track of assessment completeness, review requirements, and approval needs

Your benefits


  • Expedite risk assessments - accomplish in days or weeks what used to take months
  • Streamline data collection, risk assessment, and result summaries
  • Reduce data aggregation time for faster, better-informed decisions
  • All assessment data is easily accessible, eliminating file search and version control issues
  • Keep track of follow-up actions with email alerts and notifications


  • Enhance process quality with a systematic approach and comprehensive audit trails
  • Reduce data handling errors for increased accuracy
  • Instantly provide supporting evidence to regulators on demand
  • Standardize and repeat the risk assessment process with ease
  • Generate clear, accurate reports and insights for decision support


  • Our solution undergoes rigorous testing for unparalleled reliability
  • Receive dedicated application support and regulatory updates
  • Reduce dependency on consultants and increase self-sufficiency
  • Easily deploy our solution in shared or private cloud environments

Our cloud-based solution is not just a tool, but an ally in your risk assessment journey, giving you the support and flexibility you need to manage risk effectively. Whether you're dealing with money laundering, fraud or other forms of financial crime, our system ensures that your risk exposure is in line with international regulations and your organisation's risk appetite. With our solution, you can quickly build a defensible, data-driven programme that's tailored to your organisation's needs, resulting in a streamlined, efficient and highly effective risk management process.

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